Turn long videos & audios into shorts

For Windows 7 or later | Other platforms

Don't have time for long videos and audios?

Cut them into shorts, so that you could watch or listen them from any device without hassle, whenever you need a quick break.


Enjoy Your Break

Don't worry about time, pausing, resuming, etc. Just play a short, and when it ends you will know that it's time to get back to work.

Quick Start

Easy to use

Just select long videos & audios on your computer, specify shorts preferences and push the Make Shorts button.


Choose the length of the shorts

Prefer 15 minutes? Or 30? Or maybe 10? Set the length of the shorts based on the duration of your breaks.


Add the recap to the shorts

You may add the recap at the beginning of the shorts, reminding where the previous short left off.


Optimize videos for mobile devices

If the format or the filesize of a video doesn't fit your mobile phone or tablet, you may easily re-encode it with Shorts.

Audio Extraction

Convert videos to MP3

Want to extract the audio from "talking-head" videos to save valuable space on your mobile device? Shorts will do that too.